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    How to IEC Works?

    IEC is compulsory for all bodies who are importing or exporting goods & services to India or from India. We help you get IEC 

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      Fill our simple form and receive a callback from our team of experts

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      Provide all the required file for registration of the company .

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      it will be delivered to you and you’ll have to make the balance payment.

    Code – Summary

    It is a unique 10-digit code required by every business in India. Issued by the Director-General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), the Ministry of Commerce, and no filing or renewal is required. It is required for clearing customs, shipment, and send/receive money from international banks.

    Benefits of IEC

    • The IEC allows traders to venture into the worldwide market, including registration as online e-commerce operators.
    • Businesses can get benefits from schemes like Merchandise Export from India Scheme (MEIS), Service Export from India Scheme (SEIS) & other from Customs and Export Promotion.
    • There is no requirement of any compliance post-registration.
    • Therefore maintaining the business is comparatively simple.
    • The process of obtaining IEC is complex also can be obtained with the minimum documents

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      A detailed procedure for IEC

      To get your license, you need to follow these steps:

      Documents Required for IEC

      Only a selected number of documents required for IEC  listed below:






      rent bill


      Personal or company’s current bank account statement



      Address proof (Electricity bill/rent agreement/sale deed of the office)


      Copy of canceled cheque of the current bank accounts

      PAN card of individual or company
      Copy of the government ID (Driving license/Aadhar/Voter ID)
      Incorporation certificate/Partnership deed.
      Personal or company’s current bank account statement
      Address proof (Electricity bill/rent agreement/sale deed of the office)
      Copy of canceled cheque of the current bank account


      Any business: Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Private Limited, and Charitable organization doing the export and import activities should register for Importer Exporter Goods regardless of the scale of -business. It is not compulsory for private use, nontrade,non-manufacture, or non-agriculture.


      The IEC is permanent and is valid for the lifetime, requires no renewal or update, and lasts until the company ceases or the registration surrendered. Also, no filings like GST, PF, etc.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      IEC stand for Importer Exporter Code. Its contain 10-digit number which is issued by the Director General of Foreign Trade, Department of Commerce. IEC is generated within the 15 days after the submission of the documents. This code is valid for the lifetime, so there is no need for renewal.

      By using our expert services at legal tax you can easily get IEC code registered.

      IEC is not based on item. Once the user get the IEC code then there is no need to get IEC code for every item. Same IEC can be used for others items.

      IEC  is not a tax reg. Levied depending upon the certain custom duty.

      Yes, custom department use IEC, all documents related to import and export reflect in all the customs.

      No, IEC is allotted for lifetime, so there is no such need.